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The communities of the Himalayan regions of Nepal, India, Bhutan and their non-residents worldwide prepare rice flour-based snack food, Sel Roti which requires skill and knowledge to get the perfection. The ‘Sel Roti’, among the Nepali community worldwide, has ethnic importance and its preparation is termed skilful. 

In India, Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram, Himachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, North east belt, and West Bengal represent the major ethnic Indian Nepali and other tribes like Bhutia, Lepcha, etc. who consume Sel roti as snack. The consumption of Sel roti in villages of India where people of Nepalese and Bhutanese ethnicity are residing is high. Dashain and tihar are special occasions when Nepali from around the world cook and enjoy sel roti because of its taste and ethnic-cultural importance. 

Rice is washed, soaked and dried overnight. It is then ground, mixed with milk or water into a thick batter with a fluid consistency. It is then left to ferment naturally at ambient room temperature. The fermented batter is then squeezed and poured to making a round ring shape into hot cooking oil and deep fried until golden brown. After this, the sel roti is removed from the oil and drained using a stick and served as a confectionary bread.

There is nothing more comforting than a plate of sel roti, served with hearty Nepali aloo achaar. Nowadays, within no time, with the help of Sel Roti maker, you can make the perfect dish for any family occasion.

Nepal, or the Himalayan kingdom as it is known in English, is famous for Mount Everest and beautiful landscapes that straddle the region on both sides. Of late, however, Nepal is better known around the world as the birthplace of sel roti. Although sel roti and aloo achar are still the most well-known delicacy to come out of Nepal, the modern way of making sel roti quickly catches up and is made almost in every widely celebrated Hindu festival in Nepal

Sel roti, which sometimes is casually called ‘Nepali doughnut’, gets its name from rich, ancient Nepali culture. While much thought has been given to make the sel roti making process easier for the younger generation, which until today was uncharted territory in Nepal, India and the rest of the world. To solve this, Salcko has brought the world’s first sel roti maker.

It’s tough to come by good sel roti without having to trade an arm or leg for it, which is why this sel roti maker has us excited. Sel roti maker operates as a stand-alone machine, but could also accompany you through your sel roti making experience. 

In modern society, stress is laid on how the sel roti tastes and how it is presented. so every young nepali lady these days is keen to learn the art of sel roti making through elders and YouTube channels and cookery classes. 

Taste of sel roti is greatly enhanced when presented attractively. The quality of cooking, neatness and cleanliness while cooking, correct cooking method, and above all, an attractive way of serving – all these speak of your culinary art. After doing years of research, we atSalcko, have come up with a tool that makes everything about Sel roti possible. With the help of sel roti making machine, you can make simply lip-smacking sel rotis that pleases the eyes and stomach.

Sel roti is made in almost all widely celebrated Hindu festivals in Nepal, Preparation is quite easy, you can either use the rice flour available in the market directly or soak the rice overnight and then next day drained, let it dry and grind it into flour. Rice is then mixed to make the batter, the thick consistency of the batter has to be maintained. With the help of soli, pour the batter into hot oil and fry until golden brown ring-shaped sel roti appears at the top, we can pour the batter using hands as well, but it requires high skills and years of practice. Sel roti has an important place in Nepali culture, it is almost made on every occasion, while Dashain and Tihar better known as tihar festivals have wide consumption.

Sel Roti is attached with our culture, tradition and emotions. Our perfectly engineered Sel Roti maker machine will help assist to make your Sel Roti perfect for your all four senses; see, taste, smell, feel. Salcko™ presents the revolutionary Sel Roti Making Machine, the first of its kind in the world.